Donate to Birdies For Charity to support CDR from now until June 25th

birdiesBirdies for Charity
In an effort to increase our fund raising, for the first time the Community Dining Room will be participating in the Birdies for Charity program through the Travelers Golf Championship in Cromwell, CT from June 19-25. Last year this tournament raised $2.6M for 160 different charities through New England.
How it works:
Each charity solicits pledges on how many birdies will be hit during the tournament. Last year 1,841 were hit. So a two-cent pledge ($.02) (which is the minimum) would mean a $36 donation if 1,800 birdies were hit this year, a five-cent pledge ($.05) would translate to a $90 donation, etc. Flat donations starting at a minimum of $10 are also accepted. 100% of the donations for CDR are sent to us along with a 15% bonus on top of the pledges collected.
How to donate:
There are two easy ways to donate – online at or by filling out the attached pledge form. The site is currently up and open for donations and pledges. No pledges and donations will be accepted after June 25th.